EDIFICIO ADOLF | Colonia de Valle, Ciudad de México
Arquitectos: Alberto Kalach, Daniel Álvarez, Adriana León /  Colabordores: Axel Arañó, Rosa López
Desarrollo: Taller de Arquitectura X | 1993 -1996


In the 1970´s and 80´s vertical structures were erected in zones where a coherent medium scale urban context had already been established. Some areas were redifined more or less harmoniously, but many others suffered from the invasion of isolated conformations that betrayed a lack of vision and forethought amongst city planners. High blind walls rose next to small-scale gardens and structures, in expectation of future buildings that probably will never be erected.

In this context we developed the idea of a building that would reafirm the dialogue between an existing building with high blind walls and the other buildings of low and medium height that predominate in the zone.

Thus the new building arises next to the existing one, seeking to stand free from the adjacent buildings wiith lesser height. The concrete structure, slightly radial, which supports the cantilevered living room areas, emphasizes the clear divison of the program between open adn closed spaces.