Decálogo para una Vivienda social


1.     Intra Urbana

2.     Tejido a la trama

3.     Calles más angostas y densamente arboladas

4.     Lotes con menos frente y más fondo

5.     Casas adosadas

6.     Techos verdes

7.     Control solar

8.     Ventilación cruzada

9.     Alturas generosas

10.  Espacio continuo

  • Casas - 179
  • Terreno - 16,618 m2
  • Lote tipo - 68 m2 (18.68 x 3.66)
  • M2 Construcción por casa -  63.5 m2
  • M2 Comercio -  115 m2
  • M2 Plaza  - 2,158 m2
  • Estacionamiento visitantes  - 30 cajones


A land of fierce extremes, of light, and savage beauty. With limited resources but an open mind. It brought the possibility of trying out some new approaches and creative solutions.

The light is harsh, the weather, overwhelming, so shade and breeze are scarce -and yet essential.

The area was constrained, and flat, and urban… All surface, and on fire.

The quest: could a mere den be turned to an oasis?



With more depth than façade and flowing upward, the private space should feel both light and spacious. The rooms should work as one when fully open -to enhance the play of light. The height is aspirational, and bright –to host the dreamer´s every flight of fancy…

It´s all about the array… and air… and rays… –where each part beats the whole, by flowing… inward.



A modest and yet elegant solution. A high minded approach to low-cost housing.

A luscious common space where wind and trees conspire to soothe the resident mood. The green roofs´ moist relief felt as refreshment. The private space; delight, a breeze, a sight. (The inexpensive… priceless)

A simple sense of ease, compact and graceful.

A laborer´s reprieve; for rest -and leisure.



 Pablo Rosenblueth (Text)